In an ever-changing world, companies must innovate to remain relevant.

Using the principles of neuroscience, Beau Lotto explores what innovation really is and how to create the framework that allows for innovation within organizations.

Beau is a leading expert in perception who has helped brands like Cirque du Soleil, Microsoft and L’oreal gain valuable, science-backed insights into their businesses and customers. Through talks, masterclasses and a proprietary form of consultancy build on “experiential experiments” he teaches organizations how to apply scientific truths about perception to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world.


“Beau’s incredible session created a transformational state in the audience of leaders. In three hours, he provided the group dozens of new ways to think differently about their problems, how to successfully innovate and build effective teams...

He is one of best speakers we’ve ever seen.”

- Jean Gomes, CEO - The Energy Project/former executive of Warner Music