How do organizations adapt in an ever-changing world?

To succeed in an increasingly uncertain world, businesses needs to know how to adapt and find solutions to questions that haven’t been asked yet. Through an engaging keynote format, Beau introduces principles in behavioral and perceptual neuroscience that help companies discover what lives at the heart of change and successful innovation.

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How do leaders create a culture of creativity and innovation within their companies?

In a more intimate format designed for leadership teams, departments and smaller groups, Beau addresses this question and considers a surprising answer: the quality of a leader is defined by how they lead others through uncertainty. Beau teaches leaders how to create an environment that fosters creativity and innovation by understanding the role of perception in every aspect of our lives.

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How do brands connect with customers in a meaningful way?

A brand that delights its audience while creating insight into an essential human value is more creative, has more loyal customers and generates lasting, authentic impact in the world. Partner with Beau and his neuro-design studio, Lab of Misfits, to build customized, immersive brand experiences that evolve your brand and transform your audience.

By seamlessly integrating science, technology, art, fashion, music and performance, the the Lab of Misfits’ provides science-based insights that drive innovation while fostering a unique collaboration between brands, customers and creators.

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